What are the Benefits of Hiring a Building Surveyor in Bristol?

For lots of people, buying a property is the biggest and most important investment they will ever make, not to mention the proudest. To ensure that money is well spent and asking prices are reasonable, a lot of first time and experienced property buyers will contact a building surveyor in Bristol. Someone in this industry will have studied for at least five years in order to help their clients assess the condition of their property. Although not compulsory, a building survey could offer the following benefits.

Building Regulations Advice

It’s not possible for just anyone to construct a home and be done with it, because there are certain building regulations that you must abide by. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine or prison sentence. A building surveyor in Bristol will know everything there is to know about these regulations, which outline the standards for alterations, constructions and design. Health and safety will come into play at this time, because unless the building meets health and safety standards, your Local Planning Authority probably won’t allow for its completion.

Completing Planning Applications

Paperwork can stack up unless you contact a building surveyor in Bristol. There will be lots of documents to deal with when building and selling a home, with a planning application being one of them. Once you have got the green light from your Local Planning Authority about whether or not the size and design of the house is acceptable, the planning application can be completed. This piece of paper grants consent for building on land. The application will also need to be completed if you are planning on changing the use of buildings or land.

Drawing Up Building Plans

Being able to draw building plans takes a lot of skill and patience. One mistake could result in the whole project being a disaster, because you will need to include electrical wiring and other features into account when drawing up the plans. This graphical representation of what the property is expected to look like after construction will be used by both contractors and builders to estimate the overall cost of the project. With this information, the surveyor can figure out what the value of the property is, which will come in handy if you are putting the property on the market.

Can you really afford not to have a survey completed on your residential or commercial property? If you want to hire a building surveyor in Bristol with plenty of experience, work with Robert White Associates.

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