What are Some of the Common Uses for Tempered Glass?

Many people have heard of Tempered Glass but do not realize how much of this product they come in contact with each day. In fact, this kind of glass if found just about everywhere. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Automobile Glass

For anyone who owns a car or relies on a public transit system to get around town, rest assured that there is plenty of Tempered Glass to be found. That is because the glass used for all the windows in any motor vehicle happens to be tempered. Along with providing more strength and durability, the glass is able to withstand higher temperatures with ease. That translates into a greater measure of safety for anyone riding in those vehicles.

In the Kitchen

The glass is also a common element in the kitchen. Think about the microwave oven or even the glass door on a toaster oven. With both appliances, the glass has to hold up to a great deal of use in the form of high temperatures. There is also all that cleaning that becomes necessary due to food splatters. For homeowners who have ovens with a viewing glass on the door, rest assured that the same type of glass that makes the microwave and toaster ovens safer to use is also ensuring that it is possible to check the status of the apple pie without opening the oven door.

In the Bathroom

Take a good look at the sliding shower doors. See the glass used as part of the design? That glass is tempered. The strength of the glass helps to minimize the potential for breaking even if someone loses their footing while in the shower. Even with door designs that include frames, this type of glass is often used in order to comply with safety regulations.

For anyone who would like to learn more about this glass option or who needs some type of glass repair around the house, talk to the team at Apple Glass Company. It will not take long to see how this type of glass can make life a lot better in the house, on the road, and even around the office. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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