What are Auto Transfer Cases in Queen Creek and Why Does it Matter?

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Autos

Vehicle owners know what their transmission is. They know that it is separate from the engine. They understand the overall basics of how the water filter works, and how the coolant keeps the engine in the low-temperature registers as it barrels down the road. But, more and more customers are realizing that their transfer cases in Queen Creek are often just as important. Fortunately, professionals at Shift Right Transmission Repair in Arizona can help customers take care of this very delicate and essential vehicle part.

Transfer Cases in Queen Creek are exclusively used for four-wheel drive systems. They are also used in some all-wheel drives. The transfer case is positioned directly next to the transmission. Its job in the vehicle is to transfer power from the transmission to the front and rear axles. When additional power is supplied to the transmission, it is up to the transfer case to make sure the axles are physically responding to the increase in rotations and power. The transfer case functions similar to a manual transmission. Drivers can control the flow of power through the transfer similar to how a manual vehicle allows the driver to control the shifting mechanics and power put into gear.

Some off-road vehicles and performance brands have a separate feature which can lock the axles, so the transfer case is not funneling energy directly to them. The purpose is to get through especially slippery or thick areas. It works because the axles can actually get lodged in an area. Additional pressure will only cement its stuck position, so closing off the axle will force the axle to pull out of its own trap. The transfer case is simply an energy funneling part. When it goes bad, the ability to control the energy to the rear and front axles is thrown out the window.

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