What Affects the Cost of Asbestos Disposal?

What Affects the Cost of Asbestos Disposal?

One of the most hazardous types of waste out there is asbestos, which was once one of the most popular materials used for construction from 1930-1970. Since regulations were introduced in 1985, homeowners and business owners everywhere have been hiring professionals to perform surveys and removal services. It is important to eliminate any traces of the toxic material as soon as they are found, because the longer you are in an environment where asbestos is present, the higher the chances of you developing asbestosis or mesothelioma. Prepare financially by making yourself aware of the factors that affect the cost of asbestos disposal.

The Amount of Asbestos

Flaking or damaged asbestos that only needs to be removed from the roof of a property won’t be as costly as removing large quantities of asbestos. The asbestos disposal cost will be higher if the toxic material is found in the tiles, siding, walls and various other places. An inspection or survey will be conducted to determine the extent and condition, after which a quote will be drawn up. In most cases, the company will charge by the square meter, rather than by the hour. However, every company is different so please check before booking any appointments.

Obstacles and Obstructions

If the job is made harder for the person removing asbestos, they are of course going to charge more money, because it means that more of their time is taken up. Expect the disposal cost to be higher if the affected area is occupied. Trees, shrubs, furniture or structures that sit in the way of the area that is saturated by asbestos will need to either be removed completely or the worker will have to move around them somehow by using special equipment and tools.

The Company You Work With

Perform a little hunt before you settle for what you think is the cheapest asbestos disposal cost. Each company will have different rates and therefore you ought to compare prices from a handful of local companies if you don’t want to overspend on these services. Make sure the person who is handling asbestos is qualified for the job and has the correct health and safety practises in place. If quotes from a few companies are fairly similar and you are struggling to make a decision, visit the asbestos disposal company and assess their office, workshop, etc.

If you want to get an accurate quote for asbestos disposal, call the specialists at Blue A on 01923 517010.

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