Ways to Control Cremation Cost in Allentown PA

Ways to Control Cremation Cost in Allentown PA

The death of a family member is never easy. It is a time of stress, grieving, and change. Whether the death was sudden or expected, there is no way to prepare for such a loss. Making arrangements, organizing a funeral, and informing other members of the family and friends is a terrible burden. The rising costs of funerals and burials are an added burden to those left behind. Many family members do not have the finances to cover the expenses of a traditional burial, or even lavish cremation cost in Allentown Pa. Some people may have expressed a desire for a private and simple cremation at their time of death.

Cremation is fast becoming the preferred way of dealing with end of life issues. The problem is that many cremations can cost as much as a traditional funeral and burial, depending on the arrangements. If a viewing of the decedent is the wish of surviving family members, costs begin to add up quickly. The law requires embalming prior to a viewing. That means increased costs from a funeral home due to the preparation and professional services needed for a wake or funeral. The costs of the room for viewing, a casket, flowers, and transportation are added to the total costs for the cremation. Any printed memorial cards or pamphlets, keepsake items, cremation jewelry, and an upgraded urn also add to the final bill.

There are ways to control cremation cost in Allentown Pa. A direct cremation eliminates added costs, the need to meet with a funeral director, and the stress of making all those arrangements. There is no viewing, so embalming is not required. The decedent is transported directly from the location where death occurred to the crematorium. A flat rate low cost includes transportation, the process of cremation, and a standard container that holds cremated remains. That container can be delivered locally or mailed to the family. Arrangements can be made and paid for online. There are additional options available for those who wish to have a decorative urn, memorial cards printed, or cremation jewelry. Another way to control costs is to pre-plan a cremation. That practice locks in current costs and relieves the family from the burden of making final arrangements.

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