Water Feature Services in New York Are Provided for Home Aquariums

If you have recently acquired an aquarium, there are proper and improper ways to decorate it. Even if you have installed the correct filtration system and have outfitted it properly, most people run into problems when they try to decorate the tank. That is because they tend to crowd the bottom with knick-knacks.

It is also why you need to depend on water feature services in New York. By working with an aquarium installer and maintenance company, you will be one step ahead of people whose good intentions turn into issues with maintenance and aesthetics.

Why You Need to Consult With a Specialist

Specialists in water feature services state that over-crowding the bottom of a fish tank does indeed cause problems with maintaining the tank. That is why you need to consult with an aquarium company about the correct way to decorate your aquarium.

Choosing a Substrate

The first thing that professionals in water feature services consider is the substrate that is used. This material is designed to cover the bottom of the aquarium. The substrate must be compatible with the type of fish that live in the tank.

For instance, according to water feature services technicians, fish like knifefish prefer sandy bottoms. Eels also like sand. If you place a rocky substrate on the bottom, the poor eel will suffer abrasions. Some fish also bury themselves in the sandy bottoms of aquariums. Therefore, you definitely have to make sure the substrate and fish mesh.

Stones and Gravel

In freshwater aquariums, stones and gravel are the usual choices. The substrate not only provides a natural appearance but it is also simple to maintain and clean. This substrate is preferred over glass pebbles, especially if you are housing some large fish in the tank.

Where to Obtain Further Details

While fake plants are more colorful, real plants contribute to the water quality in your tank. That is another reason why you need to refer to an aquarium service company for all your aquarium’s decorating and maintenance needs. Visit online today.

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