Warning Signs You Need to Seek Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut

Warning Signs You Need to Seek Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut

Trees add a touch of beauty to a landscape and help to shade a home to reduce energy costs during the summer. Unfortunately, trees do not live forever, and they can sometimes become damaged. When a tree is sick or damaged, a homeowner needs to know when to seek Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut. Prompt tree removal can prevent injuries and damages caused by falling trees.

Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

When a tree becomes damaged or is dying, it needs to be removed so that it does not fall on the home or on a person or animal. Trees that are dead or dying are more likely to fall during periods of high wind or heavy rain. The following signs should alert homeowners they need to seek immediate Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut.

• Trees that suddenly start leaning, or leaning more than they once did, need to be checked because this is an indicator the tree’s health is deteriorating and it could end up falling and causing great damage.

• A homeowner needs to carefully check the root system of the tree. Checking around the base can reveal if the tree roots are in good health. If the tree roots are rotting or deteriorating, it means the tree is in danger of falling.

• Cracks, crevices, and cavities that are occurring inside the tree trunk need to be addressed right away. These signs of damage mean the tree is in great danger and is likely diseased. Diseased and dying trees need to be removed so they do not pose a health danger to nearby trees or safety risk to inhabitants.

• Trees that are no longer producing buds or foliage also need to be checked. Often, this is a sign the tree is already dead is or is in the dying process and needs to be removed by a tree professional so it does not come down unexpectedly.

Call For Help

If your trees are exhibiting any of the above signs, now is the time to have them checked. For more information, browse the website. Contact Northeast Horticultural Services right away so your appointment can be scheduled to have your trees checked.

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