Visit a French Restaurant in Miami

Visit a French Restaurant in Miami

French cooking is some of the finest cuisines available. It can make any special day perfect. From classic souffles and crepes to the famous Boeuf bourguignon, the menu will be like no other. Consider a French restaurant in Miami for your event.

French appetizers include beef or tuna tartare, foie gras which is a duck liver pate and meat and cheese trays. The cuisine is very rich and delicious. The main menu will include the famous veal alla Milanese which is a veal cutlet dredged in flour and sauteed in butter. Another selection will be chicken piccata which is butterflied chicken breast also dredged in flour and sauteed in butter. Then a pan sauce is created out of the pan drippings using white wine and lemon juice. This reduction is poured over the chicken breast. French cuisine also includes various fish dishes as well. The desserts are spectacular. Everything from panna cotta which is a cold custard served with a fruit sauce to mousse and tarte tatin, an apple tart. There is something to fit everyone’s taste on a French menu.

A French restaurant in Miami would be great for an anniversary dinner, proposal dinner, rehearsal dinner and Valentine’s Day to name a few. They can provide everything from the best French champagne to beautifully crafted desserts that will give you an exquisite meal and a night to remember. For groups, your local French restaurant will usually have a special area to enhance your event such as a beautifully decorated private room or an outdoor courtyard with foliage and candlelight. If you prefer a catered event in a special location of your own choosing, contact your local French restaurant. They usually provide catering as well. They can custom tailor a wonderful French menu to your satisfaction right down to the wine and champagne. Most even have the place settings you desire.

Contact your local French restaurant like Villa Azur Restaurant and Lounge and discuss your needs for your special event. Let them custom design the perfect evening for you. Whether you are proposing to your loved one or have a larger gathering, your local French restaurant will fulfill your every need and make your night very memorable.

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