Vintage Brick: How Masonry Contractors in King Of Prussia, PA Find the Right Products for a Restoration Project

Vintage Brick: How Masonry Contractors in King Of Prussia, PA Find the Right Products for a Restoration Project

The plan is to restore an older brick building while preserving the original look. That will mean attempting to match the color and other elements of the bricks used for the original construction. While there are masonry contractors King of Prussia, PA who can obtain newly-minted bricks with a similar look, other situations call for tracking down bricks of the same vintage. Here is what the contractor can do when the latter course of action is necessary.

Checking Local Resources

It’s not unusual for masonry contractors King Of Prussia, PA to contact local providers in search of those vintage bricks. Demolition companies often have storehouses of masonry, wood, and other materials that are harvested from past projects. Use building material retailers may also have harvested materials that were salvaged from buildings built around the same time as the current structure that’s being restored. With a little luck, the type and quantity of bricks will be more than enough to complete the necessary renovations.

Tapping into a Wider Network

Contractors often network with one another as a way to share information about material sources across the country. Even if there are no salvaged bricks in the local area, there could be a sufficient supply in another part of the state or at least within a few hundred miles. Thanks to these connections, it’s possible to locate and secure the vintage bricks and arrange for them to be transported directly to the building site.

Finding a Supplier Who Can Use the Same Formula

When efforts to find vintage bricks fail, being able to find a provider who can manufacture the bricks using the original specifications is also a possibility. All it takes is knowing what went into the original bricks, including the quantities. If necessary, it is possible to take a sample of the existing brick, analyze the contents, and use it to replicate the formula.

When protecting the look of the brick facade is key to the restoration effort, click here and talk with a professional about what can be done. In many cases, it will not take long to identify the best solution, make the necessary arrangements, and move forward with the project.

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