What All Vehicle Owners Need To Know About Auto Insurance In Austin, TX

What All Vehicle Owners Need To Know About Auto Insurance In Austin, TX

In Texas, all auto owners must purchase auto insurance according to state and federal laws. Any violation of these laws leads to criminal punishment according to the total number of convictions. The following are details that all vehicle owners need to know about Auto Insurance in Austin TX.

Owners Who are at Fault Face Lawsuits Without Insurance

Without insurance, the auto owner cannot file a claim to acquire adequate coverage for the accident. This failure to comply with laws leads them to face out of pocket expenses. The total value of these expenses is based on the total requirements for the accident victims. This includes all medical expenses for their injuries and payment for any property damage.

No Insurance is a Criminal Offense

The failure to acquire the liability insurance is a criminal offense. The state of Texas enforces this requirement for all drivers. Additionally, these requirements are regulated through federal mandates. While the government cannot identify the required value for the policies, they can impose penalties according to state requirements. The auto owners will pay a fine based on the judge’s decision.

The Department of Motor Vehicles Can Impose Administrative Fines

The auto owner must provide an updated copy of their insurance card each year to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If they fail to update these records, the DMV can impose at least a $200 administrative fee for all vehicles without coverage. The owner must pay these fees or provide updated coverage information. They cannot renew their registration if they don’t provide evidence of coverage.

What is SR-22?

SR-22 isn’t insurance coverage. It is a certificate that shows that the auto owner has purchased insurance. If the owner has several convictions for no insurance or was involved in an accident, they must purchase these certificates for up to three years.

In Texas, all auto owners follow state and federal laws pertaining to auto insurance. They are required to purchase auto liability insurance for all vehicles registered in their name. If they don’t, they will face criminal and administrative fines. Auto owners who need Auto Insurance in Austin TX contact Patrick Court today.

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