Various Material Options for Kitchen Flooring in Apple Valley MN

Various Material Options for Kitchen Flooring in Apple Valley MN

The kitchen floor is a vital part of the house that requires regular cleaning and maintenance to enhance comfort. Because it is stepped on regularly, it his highly susceptible to wear and tear, and this reduces its durability and causes discomfort on the feet. You should take time to determine the type of material to use for Kitchen Flooring in Apple Valley MN. The most common materials used for kitchen floor are:

Ceramic tiles

They are preferred for their durability and availability in multiple colors that can easily match with the wall and cabinet color. They are easy to clean and have a smooth surface that does not cause discomfort to the feet. However, due to its slippery nature when wet, children should not be allowed to play around when cleaning.

Linoleum tiles

They aren’t as durable as ceramic tiles, but they are a bit cheaper. This makes them budget friendly considering that the installation is also easy; this attracts a low installation cost. They are available in many colors, styles, sizes and as a complete sheet. They are Eco-friendly; they are made of renewable materials such as pine rosin, ground cork dust and wood floor.


Lumber made from hardwood is commonly used to make kitchen floors due to their robust nature. They can last for many years if proper care is taken. Hardwood is readily available in the market and can be chosen from various tree types: bamboo, coconut timber, American chestnut red and black alder, American beech among others

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl is durable and stands up well to heavy traffic. It is inexpensive, easy to install and maintain. These tiles come in a wide range of colors and patterns to easily match the interior decor. However, very heavy loads and or sharp objects can damage them. Moreover, the color can fade due to exposure to sunlight and the floor damaged by excess heat from the kitchen.

Flooring materials are not limited to the above options. For more information about other available types, visit They store products in different colors, patterns and sizes that suit your needs. They stock the modern high quality products and sell them at a considerate price.

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