Using Interior Design Companies in Denver, CO Creates a Look of Added Space

Using Interior Design Companies in Denver, CO Creates a Look of Added Space

When a homeowner wishes to make a room appear larger than it does, there are several tricks that Interior Design Companies in Denver CO would use to accomplish the task. Space can be maximized using some changes with the placement of curtains or furniture, the color of walls and floors, and different lighting. Here are some ways an interior design company would use to make a room feel bigger.

Adding mirrors to walls or ceilings is a quick way to add the illusion of space. Placing multiple mirrors on walls across from each other will instantly make a room feel as if it has additional space. These can be added amid framed pictures or shelving to make them feel less like a room-enlarging item and more like a decorative touch.

Using light colors on walls and floors will attract sunlight through windows. This will, in turn, make the room feel much larger, as lighter colors have this effect on space. Avoid darker colors on walls, as they will make a room feel smaller. Using hues in similar shades will make a room feel bigger than a room with contrasting trim. The eyes will see walls as large areas of similar shades that will naturally make the brain think the room is bigger.

Add wall sconces to a room to provide more light for nighttime hours. These will illuminate a larger amount of space than smaller table lamps. Overhead lighting will draw the eyes upward, also making space feel bigger. When decorating a room, minimize the number of furniture pieces to make the space feel bigger. Double up tasks by purchasing a table with enclosed shelving or chairs with storage in the sides. This will keep the room from appearing cluttered, which leads to the feeling of a smaller space.

If someone needs more information on how to make a room feel larger, they can contact one of the Interior Design Companies in Denver CO, for some tips. A design expert can come to the home to do an evaluation if desired. A service like Post 31 Interiors can be called for an initial consultation.

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