Using a Safe Disinfectant Cleaner to Keep Your Home Sanitized and Clean

Using a Safe Disinfectant Cleaner to Keep Your Home Sanitized and Clean

Using cleaners and disinfectants is necessary in order to clean and sanitize homes effectively. Cleaners are effective products at removing grime and dirt from surfaces. Disinfectants, on the other hand, kill microorganisms that have the potential to cause illnesses and diseases. Some may think that cleaning by itself is sufficient in all cases. However, in order for microorganisms to be removed sufficiently, a disinfectant cleaner should be utilized in the right instances to provide proper cleaning and sanitization of surfaces.

One way to achieve cleaning and disinfecting at the same time is to utilize a multipurpose cleaner that does both jobs simultaneously.

Using a Disinfectant Cleaner on Household Surfaces

Using a disinfectant cleaner on your bathroom, kitchen, or other surfaces is often essential to ensure proper sanitation. When using a disinfectant cleaner, consider the following:

• Sanitizing surfaces such as bathroom counters, kitchen counters, toilet seats, doorknobs, and children’s toys that may contain non-visible bacteria even when they are not visibly dirty.

• Disinfectant cleaners kill germs that can produce various types of illnesses.

• Germs can spread from sponges and dirty cleaning cloths to other services very quickly, necessitating the regular use of a disinfectant cleaner.

• At is important to follow the exact instructions provided on disinfectant product labels in order to ensure surfaces are effectively sanitized and the product is used safely.

• Any product that claims to kill germs must meet specific guidelines and requirements issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As well, the product must be registered with EPA and have an EPA registration number listed on its label.

Kill the Germs and Leave Behind a Great Smell

A cleaning product that also disinfects can get the job done properly and also smell great at the same time. Such a product is a neutral pH cleaner that kills germs and leaves behind a beautiful shine and a fresh lemon fragrance. This type of product will get the job done in one step, saving you the time involved of using a cleaner and a disinfectant separately.

When used as directed, a disinfectant cleaner can prevent the formation and growth of mold and mildew and associated unpleasant odors in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home.

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