Useful Tips for Controlling Scorpions

Scorpions are scary and in certain states out west, they can get in your home. Some people find them in their beds or bathtubs, so you certainly want keep them out of your home. They are not easy to kill, so your best bet is to keep the under control in the first place. There are several things that you can start doing now to keep this pest of your home. It is important to stay current on your scorpion control methods so that you do not find one on the kitchen floor when you get up for work in the morning.

Eliminate the Food Source for Scorpions

Scorpions tend to eat cockroaches, crickets and other insects. If you have these insects in and around your home, you are more likely to have scorpions moving in. If you have an infestation of an insect, call an exterminator and have them take care of the problem so that you can be sure that the infestation is completely under control. You want to control insects quickly because the longer they hang around, the longer you will have a problem with scorpions. Some insects are very resilient, such as cockroaches, so this is why a professional exterminator is best.

Check for Scorpions at Night

In most cases, you will see scorpions when it is dark outside. Since it is hard to see at night, you can use a black light to find where they are hiding so that you can take care of them. If you find one scorpion, you can choose to catch and release, but do not attempt this if you do not know how to safely and properly handle a scorpion. Some people will find a scorpion and then use a tented glue trap to catch it so that they never have to touch it with their hands. If you do this, simply place the trap where you are seeing scorpions.

Know Their Hunting Habits

Scorpions are not the most mobile of pests and when they hunt, they tend to watch their prey for a while and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Once they find a source of prey they tend to come back to this area, so you can set traps where you see them frequently.

If the above conventional methods are just not controlling scorpions in your home, you should consult with a professional pest control company. They can assess your home and help you determine where some changes and fixes are necessary to keep scorpions out. They can also put some extermination methods into play to eradicate all of the scorpions that are currently in your home. Since scorpions can sting, you want to keep your family safe by preventing them from getting into your home. For more information you can visit Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC on Facebook and Yelp.

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