Understanding Why Oil Change Services in East Lansing, MI are Required and Essential

While there are many types of preventative vehicle maintenance procedures that should be tended to, Oil Change Services in East Lansing MI are some of the most important types of vehicle service. Much is said about regular oil changes, but what many car owners, especially those with no mechanical background, don’t understand is just how essential regular oil changes can be.

The internal workings of a vehicle’s engine have a number of moving parts, and the potential for metal on metal contact is extremely high. Clearance levels for pistons, valves, crankshafts, and rocker arms are extremely precise. It doesn’t take much for these internal metal parts to begin rubbing on each other. This sort of friction can not only reduce engine effectiveness and power but can also lead to premature engine failure, which can be an involved and costly repair.

To avoid this, motor oil moves throughout the inner workings of the engine to keep these moving parts lubricated and moving smoothly. It also provides a barrier, so metal parts don’t wear on each other. In addition, a great deal of dirt and other debris can be created by the high levels of friction and heat within a motor. This debris is captured in the oil. Some of it gets filtered out when the oil goes through the filter, but much of it stays contained in the oil itself. If the oil isn’t changed regularly, this debris can become thick sludge which, when built up on engine parts, can rob the engine of performance and cause an engine failure.

To avoid motor oil losing its lubrication and creating a thick buildup that can harm the engine, Oil Change Services in East Lansing MI performed periodically is essential. This sort of preventative care will keep motor well lubricated and can help preserve the inner workings of the motor itself. In addition, this service will also keep the engine clean in order for it to last an extended period of time. That’s why if it’s time for your car to get an oil change, a visit to Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service is the best way to have this service performed on your vehicle.

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