Understanding the Role of Medicare Advantage in Macon, GA in Maintaining Good Health

Many people are under the impression that the Medicare program offered to retirees and other qualified individuals will cover the cost of just about any medical procedure or type of health care. That is not the case. This is where the benefits provided by Medicare Advantage in Macon GA, come into play. Here are some things that people need to know about this important supplemental health insurance plan. Taking Up the SlackThe purpose of Medicare Advantage in Macon GA, is to essentially pick up where Medicare leaves off. Once claims have been submitted to Medicare, and the government program has paid all that it will pay, the remainder can be filed as a claim with Medicare Advantage.

This is because the Advantage programs on the market today are not offered through a government agency. Instead, they are offered as supplemental health plans through various private insurance providers. While Advantage does have to meet the criteria set by the federal government, it is not government run. This means the claims are processed by a different entity than the main Medicare claims. Think of it as having two insurance plans, with declared the primary carrier and one the secondary carrier.

Claims are filed with the primary carrier first, and any remaining balance is then filed with the secondary carrier. In many cases, the total cost of a procedure is covered between the two. Who Can Qualify?Private insurance providers offer Advantage programs to anyone who is also eligible for Medicare. This will include anyone who has reached retirement age and meets the criteria for receiving this type of medical coverage. Since Medicare also extends benefits to individuals with certain types of physical and mental health issues, there is likely an Advantage plan that would also provide those individuals with supplemental coverage.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the Advantage programs, it pays to contact insurance professionals, like those at Stone Insurance Agency Inc, and set up an appointment. An expert can discuss the personal circumstances of the individual and help to determine if he or she meets the qualifications for this type of health protection. If so, then plans can be made for enrollment immediately.

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