Understanding a Certificate of Insurance that Roofers in Oro Valley AZ Should Have

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Roofing

Hiring Roofers Oro Valley AZ requires doing a bit of research to make sure the roofers have the insurance and qualifications to legally conduct business. One aspect to researching roofers is verifying the existence of a license in good standing. Some states require this license and others make it optional. Also, it’s very important to only hire roofers that have valid proof of insurance. One such company to look into is Ralph Hays Roofing Oro Valley AZ. The roofers at this company can handle both residential and commercial roofing services.

Although certificates of insurance can vary, most have the basic information necessary to prove the existence of coverage. Insurance certificates for roofers contain details about insurance policies. These are issued upon renewal of a policy to provide this information to third parties, or certificate holder/requester. The person hiring a roofer is a certificate holder. When requesting a certificate of insurance from a roofing contractor, only accept this document from an insurance agent. Don’t ask a roofing contractor for it. This will help to protect against false certificates. Simply ask the contractor for the name of his insurance company so you can contact the company directly.

A typical certificate of insurance for liability insurance will have the name of the producer. This is the insurance agent or broker that issued the certificate and sold the contractor his insurance policy. Other standard information listed on this document includes the name of insured, types of insurance, policy form, companies affording coverage, policy effective date, policy expiration date, limits of insurance, and notice of cancellation.

The existing coverage limits should meet the contract requirements. Some coverage limits listed on a certificate of insurance include limits on each occurrence, damage to rented premises per occurrence, medical expenses for any one person, and general aggregate. Also listed are limits for personal and advertising injury along with products/completed operations aggregate. An aggregate limit is the most that will be paid for insured losses during a policy period.

Understanding insurance terms and legalities related to roofers can be complex and in depth. By learning one aspect at a time, you can educate yourself on the types of insurance coverages a roofers needs before working on your roofing system. Click here for more information.

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