Unclog Those Sewers: Sewer Main Repair in Springfield VA

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Plumbing

Sewers have a connected system of pipes that move the sewage, like waste water and refuse, down the pipes and into a waste water treatment plant. These sewers can be accessed through a manhole cover that lies over a vertical pipe about three to five feet in diameter. The object of the sewer is to use gravity to move the sewage to the plant, so these treatment plants are often located in low lying areas. It is implied in the above sentences that sewers do need maintenance. In addition to plugging, the pipes can be corroded, calcified, or even cracked. There are various methods of sewer repair, but almost more important is the company that repairs them.

Homeowners should know that sewer main repair in Springfield, VA, is expensive with the average cost totaling over 2,000 dollars. Instead of merely fixing accessory pipes, the sewer main involves much more work and diagnosis than the other pipes do. The sewer main is entirely underneath the ground and can be under gardens, roads, and even some old buildings. Finding out what is wrong with the problem from the beginning can make all the difference in repair costs. Most professionals either investigate the main themselves or send cameras into the unit to find the problem.

Once the problem is identified, the repairs sometimes involve excavating yards or driveways which can be costly. The access to the sewer main, which involves destroying all of this property, is the most expensive part of the repairs, typically. Speaking with one’s city about replacing a sewer main is the best option, as some cities require permits for any repairs. These permits will ensure that the repairs are up to code. Some homeowners are lucky and find out the sewer main is part of the city’s property, and therefore, the repairs are the responsibility of the city.

For Sewer Main Repair in Springfield VA, call All Plumbing, a company that is available seven days per week and has been in the business for over four decades. This company fits the requirements of a quality company including proper licensing, bonding, and insuring, a dedication to customer satisfaction, and a lengthy time in the business. Their specialists will help any client receive proper repairs to their satisfaction.

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