Types of Filters Serviced by a Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner in Anaheim, CA

Diesel particulate filters remove soot and particulates from the exhaust gas produced by diesel engines. Keeping them clean is essential to their function, and they are essential to maintaining a properly working diesel engine. When you’re looking for a Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner in Anaheim CA, be sure to find a company that will provide a thorough clean every time.

These filters come in a variety of models, most of which can be roughly categorized as wall flow or flow through filters. The most common is wall flow model is the cordierite filter. They are relatively inexpensive, extremely efficient, and easy to install. However, the materials used can become heat damaged at a relatively low temperature. This makes it even more important to have your cordierite filter cleaned regularly, as excess buildup contributes to this issue. Silicon carbide filters have similar filtration capacities and a higher melting point, but are not as thermally stable. These are interchangeable with cordierite filters, although they tend to be more expensive.

As far as flow through filters goes, ceramic fiber filters tend to be quite popular. They can be customized to fit any engine, and their porousness can be changed to control flow efficiency and filtration volume. They also have the advantage of producing less back pressure than wall flow designs. Because they remove extremely fine particulates as well as larger debris, they must be cleaned regularly to prevent blockages. Metal fiber filters work in a similar manner, but are created from woven metal fibers. These are capable of self-cleaning to some degree, as their electrical conductivity allows for the core to be heated easily for regeneration purposes. They are typically significantly more expensive than any of their counterparts, and are not typically interchangeable.

No matter what type of filter you use, regular maintenance is absolutely required to remove soot and other buildup and lower the system’s pressure. This maintenance requires the specialty equipment offered by companies specializing in Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner in Anaheim CA. It is not typically very expensive, particularly when compared to the price of extensive engine repair work that will eventually become necessary without proper filter maintenance. Visit website for more information about local providers of DPF cleaning services.

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