Types of Commercial Weighing Scales

Commercial weighing scales are used in a wide variety of industries, from medical and chemical to farming and construction. The type of scale that is needed varies depending upon the industry using it and the specific function that it is used for. Some of the more widely used scales are ultra precision scales, industrial scales, and hazardous scales.

Ultra Precision

Ultra precision commercial weighing scales are used when accuracy is paramount, usually used in smaller weights. Typically, the accuracy for these scales goes all the way out to .005 pounds, and they can weigh up to about a 500-pound weight capacity. These scales can be used in a wide variety of industries and for many different uses.


Industrial commercial weighing scales are generally used in places like construction sites, factories, farms, and other places where difficult conditions are present. Generally, these scales contain steel (or some other type of heavy duty metal) strain gauge load cells to protect the load cells from whatever type of abuse they would endure, given the conditions of the objects they are weighing.


Hazardous commercial weighing scales are approved for use in particularly hazardous conditions. These are generally used in areas where such conditions as explosions or hazardous chemicals are being used, causing dangerous conditions that other scales may fail under.

Other Types

Other types of commercial weighing scales include: crane scales, which are used in construction or other types of jobs where special hanging scales are needed (they typically have their sensor inside very tough housing); animal scales, which are used in such places as zoos, farms, and veterinary offices, and are designed to take an accurate weight of an animal that is not standing still; and cylinder scales, that are used specifically for determining the mass of liquids or other materials contained in cylinders.

Commercial weighing scales come in a wide variety of styles as well, such as floor scales, bench scales and specially-made platform scales, which are made in a wide variety of styles specific to the industry requesting the scales.

Commercial weighing scales vary greatly in size, shape, and style, depending upon the specific need of the industry they are being used for. They can be very precise, such as those being used in a laboratory, or strong and sturdy, such as those being used in construction zones or factory settings.

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