Types of Businesses that Need Private Security

Many businesses think private security is optional, and in many cases it is. And there are certainly types of businesses that should never have to use private security. But what sorts of businesses need private security? What businesses require unarmed or even armed guards at the ready purely by default of their existence? If you’re wondering if your business needs executive protection security services in New York, if your business is one of the following, the answer is an automatic yes.


Banks hold the money of a lot of people. Sure, a lot of it is digitally stored these days, but those can be hacked as well. But a bank without guards is a bank that’s about to be robbed, it’s as simple as that. Banks hold the money of a lot of people, which can be up to thousands of dollars per person. So if you manage to start your own bank, the number 1 priority for employment should be both clerks and security guards.

Jewelry Stores

Just like a bank, an unguarded jewelry store, is one that probably won’t have its inventory for very long. Especially if you’re a jewelry store in a big city, the inventory you’re storing is very valuable and very easy to conceal if stolen. Which is why you need to have a few armed guards standing at the ready in case someone tries to steal it. Sure, a normal security system works wonders, but so does having someone there to stop the thief once they’ve been found out.

Concert Coordinators

If you are running a concert for the appearance of a major celebrity, be it a politician, musician, or whatever else, armed security are going to be a must. Both to make sure everyone gets to their seat in an orderly and safe fashion, and to handle any unruly guests that may be in attendance. It’s a scary thought when you’re a celebrity, but in fact, a lot of people do not wish you well, and so going up on stage requires professionals who will keep the peace and handle anyone who decides to act on those ill wishes.

There are many other businesses that need the assistance of an armed security force to keep everything peace and keep the unruly from causing trouble. If you own one of these businesses, and you need your own security force for the protection of your business and its assets, then there is none better suited to the task than GISS International.

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