Trees that Pose a Problem for Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut

Trees that Pose a Problem for Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut

Trees have a special place in nature. They provide shade, shelter, and beauty. While they add a great deal of value, the trees can also cause an enormous amount of destruction. They are often much stronger than they appear. So, when removal is necessary, these trees can be quite a handful

One of the types of trees that is extremely difficult for Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut is the pine tree. Pine trees can soar up to fifty feet or more. Often, these trees have to be removed in segments rather than taken down all at once. Climbing to the top of them is a dangerous task that requires experience and the proper safety equipment. The people on the ground also have to be careful since the tops of these trees fall from a great height.

Another type of tree that is difficult to handle is the oak tree. These trees have very heavy and thick branches that have to be removed before they can be cut down. Because these branches carry a lot of weight, they will make a significant impact when they fall. Anything that is beneath them will get damaged. If there are people standing underneath, the impact can result in death. Part of the safety precautions for removal of oak trees is to have a spotter that makes sure everyone stands clear before the branches are removed.

Any type of dead tree is also very hard to remove. Part of the problem is that it is impossible to tell where the weakest part of the tree is. Dead trees are highly unpredictable in the manner in which they can fall. Part of the process for Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut is to evaluate the position of the tree as well as the possible manner of death. If the tree has been invaded by pests that have hollowed out the truck, the weight distribution may cause the tree to fall in an unexpected way. Ropes are generally used to help guide the tree in the proper direction.

The overall size and strength of trees can make them difficult to remove. Because of their attributes, the professionals at Northeast Horticultural Services should be consulted prior to removal. For more information on trees, browse the website.

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