Tree Service in Spokane Controls Pests to Prevent Apple and Pear Worms

Tree Service in Spokane Controls Pests to Prevent Apple and Pear Worms

Technicians from a professional tree service in Spokane provide pest control services that improve the health of trees on a residential property and may even save those majestic plants from destruction. Sometimes, spraying an insecticide is advisable for fruit trees. Although property owners may be a little hesitant because they want to have organic apples and pears, it can be nearly impossible to save fruit from invasive worms without pest control. Rain will rinse away the residue as the growing season continues, and anyone who still feels cautious can wash picked fruit with a mild soap and rinse it thoroughly.

Actually, the little creatures that chew on and live in apples and pears aren’t worms, although most people refer to the critters as worms. They are the larvae of the codling moth species, and they reside inside fruit as they mature. They do this because they like to eat the seeds in the core.

After the larvae mature, they come out and build a cocoon in a sheltered place for the winter, in which they gradually change into their adult winged moth form. When people harvest fruit from trees, however, the larvae typically never make it to this stage, as they are still inside the fruit. If they have left the fruit, there are brown areas inside indicating larvae once lived there. Many tree owners use these apples to make applesauce, as they are safe to eat but not aesthetically attractive.

Telltale holes on the outside of the fruit indicate the presence of these larvae, but people don’t always notice the holes. They bite into an apple or pear and discover a white or pink worm, which can seem quite disgusting to behold. These larvae can ruin an entire harvest if steps are not taken by a professional Tree Service in Spokane to prevent the infestation.

The codling moth is the most prevalent insect pest of apple and pear trees in the region and causes the most damage to fruit. Tree spraying must be performed at a specific time of the year to eliminate the pests while the eggs are hatching. Visit Spokane Pro Care for more information on this particular company and how they can prevent damage to your fruit.

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