Tree Houses Designers in Marietta Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

Tree Houses Designers in Marietta Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

There is increasing concern about how little time children spend outdoors and how they don’t get enough exercise. The obesity rate among children has risen dramatically in the past 30 years, making kids more susceptible to Type 2 diabetes and other health problems. How can parents motivate their youngsters to play outside? Tree Houses Designers in Marietta have an answer.

Nowadays, children generally are accustomed to being entertained much of the time by TV shows, movies, video games and websites. An empty backyard may seem boring compared with the plethora of attention-getting media available in the house. A playhouse fort along with a swing set and slide can make a big difference in a child’s interest in playing outside.

The structures aren’t actually set up with tree branches as the foundation, although they can be built around and among trees. Homes with these tree forts commonly become a gathering place for the neighborhood children, which will please parents who like having lots of kids around. These parents will also appreciate the aspect that their own youngsters like spending time at home instead of always going off to a friend’s place.

There are other benefits to children playing in this type of structure. They get varied types of exercise and they build camaraderie with their friends. They spend time pretending they are in other settings, such as a ship on the ocean or a castle in ancient times. That’s excellent mental exercise for the imagination and stimulates creativity. A child may also enjoy being alone in the structure sometimes, finding it a sanctuary when life presents problems. A tree house never becomes monotonous. When the children reach their teenage years, they may gradually stop climbing into the structure, but they’ll always have fond memories of how much fun it was.

Tree Houses Designers in Marietta can create custom designs that get children even more eager to play. Parents can involve their kids in the design process, incorporating their ideas so that they feel this playhouse is truly theirs. A company such as Swing Time Outdoors has photos on its website to start the brainstorming process. Visit to take a look.

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