How to Transform your Back Yard with Landscape Lighting Installation in Carmel

How to Transform your Back Yard with Landscape Lighting Installation in Carmel

Prior to investing in any landscape lighting installation in Carmel, homeowners should ask themselves what the reasons for wanting to illuminate their backyards are. Probably the idea is to add a soft, romantic feel during the night. Probably there’s a shadowy garden corner or a bench which needs to be light up for security purposes. A walkway around the garden may need landscape lighting for a rediscovery of property boundary.

Choose Where to Install Landscape Lighting

Match the motive for lighting to particular locations in your garden. For instance, consider illuminating a bench along a pathway using a pole-type lamp attached behind it. A walkway may need a series of small stake lights down the length of its boundary on one or both sides. Likewise, a water fountain may be highlighted using a spotlight while a pond may be suited to soft lighting along its boundary.

Types of landscape lighting

* 120-volt Lighting

120-volt lighting is suitable for commercial or municipal use due to its high-intensity brightness. This high powered flood light requires a lot of effort to install because it involves a lot of wiring that ought to be buried at least 18 inches underneath or enclosed in conduit to guard it against making contact with water. Contact Burtner Electric to get a certified electrician to perform this type of installation.

* Low Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage lights can either be used for lighting things above or beneath a light source. This type of lighting requires only an external receptacle plus a transformer. The work of the transformer is to convert the high voltage tapped from the household line to a practical low voltage to activate the lights.

* Solar Lighting

This is another popular type of lighting for your backyard. It comes with no cords. It must be well positioned so that it absorbs as much light during the day so that it can shine brightly during the night.

* LEDs

A recent development in outdoor lighting installation in Carmel is LEDs. They are popular for lighting up laptops and car dashboards so it was just a matter of time before they were introduced in the backyard. They are suitable for style, effect and design.

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