Top Types of File Cabinets in Fredericksburg, VA

Offices are known for having file cabinets, but many people don’t realize how extensive the selection is when it comes to this category. The tall, vertical cabinet is just one form. Today’s offices also use long, horizontal versions, rolling styles, and cabinets with shapes customized to fit unique office spaces. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check out all of the options for File Cabinets Fredericksburg VA. This will ensure that you get a cabinet that will truly work well in your space.

Tall cabinets are very useful, and this is one of the reasons they’re so popular. They have a small footprint, so they can fit into tight spaces while still holding plenty of papers. Even so, they’re not the perfect solution for every office. Cubicles with short walls and offices with overhanging cabinets will need shorter solutions.

Spaces that need short cabinets can use ones that are as thin as the tall ones without being as high, but this solution will only work if there isn’t a need to file as much paperwork. Wide file cabinets are usually a better choice. They have as much space as the tall versions, but spread it across a low profile. This type of cabinet is sometimes made with a durable top so that it can also be used as extra counter space. Many people prefer to use this type of File Cabinets Fredericksburg VA. For more information, visit

Rolling cabinets are usually low and wide. This gives them stability to avoid tipping when they’re moved. Rolling styles are good for large offices where employees would otherwise have to spend half the day walking to and from a cabinet bank to complete a project. Instead of spending time walking around, employees can just move the relevant cabinets to their desks for the duration of a task. If more than one person needs ready access to the same cabinet, they can move it to a work area that allows everyone easy access at the same time.

The best place to see all of the options for office cabinets is a dedicated office furniture store like Smarter Interiors. Such stores are able to keep a larger selection in stock because they focus only on furniture instead of using their space for hundreds of other office supplies. They will also be able to suggest the perfect solutions for your office situation.

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