Top Tips For Choosing Monuments in Connecticut

Top Tips For Choosing Monuments in Connecticut

People don’t look forward to buying monuments in Connecticut. It’s something that can be extremely difficult if a monument has to be purchased right after a loved one has died. Some people choose their monuments when they are healthy and aren’t expecting to die. They just want to be prepared, but they still might not like having to look at monuments.


The first thing to consider when looking at different monuments in Connecticut is style. Flush markers are monuments that are position flat on the ground. From a distance, a person might not even know that a marker is there. Visibility can be obstructed by grass if the area around this type of marker isn’t well-maintained. Another consideration is the fact that people have to be standing directly over it to view what is written on the monument.

More On Style

Other markers to consider are upright monuments, bezels, benches, boulders and some others. Bezels are similar to flush markers but stick out of the ground a lot more. The taller bezel monuments can also be used to deal with cremated remains. Upright monuments are quite common and stand well above the ground. They are very easy to see in a memorial park. It offers a lot of room for design. A bench memorial is a small bench with an upright monument. The monument portion can be bigger than a traditional monument.


There are a few materials that are commonly used for monuments. Bronze, marble, and granite are the most popular choices. All of the materials are durable, but granite has the most durability of the three. Of the three, granite and marble are naturally occurring materials. Bronze is made by using zinc and copper. When selecting a material, a color choice should be made. Visit us to find out more about buying a monument of any type.

Selecting a monument should be done when other areas of estate planning are being completed. Naturally, a person’s taste might change over the years. A person can always change their monument selection if they want to have something else as a marker.

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