Top Three Symptoms of a Failing Water Heater

Top Three Symptoms of a Failing Water Heater

Your water heater is an integral appliance in your home because it allows you to have hot water for bathing, cleaning and other tasks. Since it is used so frequently, it wears down over time. If you notice abnormalities, make sure to check into professional water heater services in Marietta, Georgia to have this issue diagnosed and fixed.

Odd Noises

Sediment accumulates on the bottom of the tank as the water heater gets older. Eventually, it hardens as it is frequently heated and reheated. Once it is hard, it is common to hear banging or rumbling noises coming from your heater when it is heating up. Hardened sediment can cause further damage and reduce overall heater efficiency.

Rusty Water

If the water coming from your faucets has a deep yellow or rusty brown color when you are using hot water, this can indicate that the inside of your tank is rusting. Rusting weakens the structural integrity of your tank, so with time, this can result in leaking. It is also possible for the pipes associated with the heater to rust and cause this problem, especially if your piping is galvanized.

Water Puddling Around the Appliance

Look at the area around your water heater and see if there is any moisture that was not there before. This could indicate a fracture in the tank or a small leak. Metal expands when it heats, so even the slightest fracture in the tank could cause a leak. This fracture might not always be visible since it is harder to see when the tank is cool. You should also inspect the connections and fittings to look for leaks.

As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to contact a professional for water heater services in Marietta, Georgia without delay. This can prevent the appliance from completely failing and leaving you without hot water.

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