Top Three Services Offered by a Tree Company in Arlington

Top Three Services Offered by a Tree Company in Arlington

Caring for trees is not only beneficial to the environment, but also for homes and businesses. Trees create a serene ambiance and beautify the exterior spaces. For commercial property owners and managers, trees help to improve the aesthetic appeal of their properties and reduce HVAC and maintenance costs. For homeowners, trees enhance the appearance of their homes and provide cooling shade in summer.

Proper tree care requires techniques and expertise that only come with years of experience. It demands adequate knowledge of countless tree species, diseases, and insects. A well-established tree company, such as Cambridge Landscape, has the necessary skills, expertise, tools and equipment to offer quality tree services. Here are some of the key services provided by an experienced tree company in Arlington.

Tree Planting and Pruning

Before planting trees, it is important to consider factors such as tree species, soil type, the purpose of the tree, and climatic conditions. It is also essential to know how high a tree can grow and how far or wide the root system of the tree can grow. Experienced tree professionals can help business and homeowners choose the right trees for their needs. Apart from tree planting, these professionals can ensure that pruning is done at the right time. Regular tree pruning helps to ensure that diseased or decaying branches are removed before they become a potential hazard. Pruning also allows enough sunlight to reach other plants or grass below the plant.

Cabling and Bracing

Extra support to trees can be provided through a process known as cabling and bracing, which entails the insertion of cables in the trees. The cables take some weight off the tree branches, allowing them to grow safety. To prevent damage to the trees, it is essential to hire professionals to handle a cabling and bracing process.

Tree Removal

If a tree poses some danger, it will need to be removed. An established tree company uses cranes and ropes to remove trees safely and with little damage to a lawn. These professionals also make sure that tree stumps are removed safely and will rehabilitate the space to leave the lawn neat and tidy.

These are just some of the major services offered by an experienced tree company in Arlington. For more information about the importance of hiring professional tree services or to contact a reputable tree company, please visit Sitename.

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