Top Most Common Workers Compensation Claims In Hanover Park

Top Most Common Workers Compensation Claims In Hanover Park

If you work in a position with lots of physical labor and machinery, chances are that accidents aren’t all too uncommon. In fact, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 2.9 million cases of nonfatal injuries and illnesses in private industries.

The biggest workers compensation claims can help you shed a light on some of the most common accidents in your industry – and they can help you identify whether or not your particular accident is one a skilled Hanover Park workers compensation attorney can offer specific expertise for. While falls produce the most deaths as per the OSHA, among non-fatal injuries, law firms and practices like typically deal with claims such as:


This is by far the most common type of claim, and it could be caused either by a pressure to perform beyond one’s capacity, due to exhaustion, or chronic damage. Physical labor in industries like construction often require pushing, pulling and lifting – and with improper form, especially after a long day’s work, pulled muscles and strained tendons can temporarily cripple a worker.

Slip and Falls

Whether due to a slippery surface or a faulty floor, slip and falls still make some of the most common accidents at the workplace.

Struck By Object

This is common in construction, when a broken pulley or faulty crane or pure human error leads to an injury by a falling object.

Struck Against Object

If, on the other hand, a fall or accidental push results in an injury by being forced into an object, this claim becomes applicable.

Bodily Reaction

More often than not, we catch ourselves when we’re about to fall. But the sudden jerking motion to save oneself from a fall can often end up in a sprained ankle.

These are some of the most common claims. If you’ve suffered any of these accidents and haven’t been adequately covered by insurance, talking to an attorney could open up better options for your recovery.

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