Top 3 Reasons to Buy Automobile Insurance

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Automobile Insurance

While car insurance may be mandatory and illegal not to have, it seems that one out of eight drivers on the road decides just to forgo everything from automobile insurance quotes in Suffolk County, NY to the insurance itself. For those drivers, the benefits of having auto insurance don’t present themselves until they get caught or get in an accident and realize just how costly their error is going to be. Read on below for a few of the top reasons you should buy automobile insurance today.

It’s Illegal Not Too

The number one reason that you should cave and get those automobile quotes in Suffolk County, NY is that it’s illegal to operate a car or truck without insurance. If you are caught without insurance, you face hefty fines, a suspended license, and possible jail time. It is possible that you will have to have SR22 insurance for a period of time afterwards as well. It’s much easier to pay an insurance premium every month than to pay the fines associated with being caught without it.

Saving You Money When Accidents Happen

No matter how careful you are as a driver, accidents can come out of nowhere. Once that happens, not only are you stuck with the fallout of driving illegally, you are stuck with paying your own legal bills and may very well be sued by the driver of the car you collided with. You will have no insurance to fall back on for help and will be totally on your own.

Your Own Peace of Mind

Driving illegally without insurance has to be nerve wracking. Having insurance ensures that you will be prepared should something happen when you are on the road. Having that type of peace of mind is priceless. For more information on auto insurance quotes click here.

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