Tips on Water Heater Repair

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Plumbing

It feels warm and cozy taking a warm shower or doing the dishes using warm water. Unfortunately, many people wait until they have only cold water from the taps to realize there is a problem. As is the case with other electronic equipment, water heaters require regular maintenance for uninterrupted service. One should call in a water heater repair expert on sensing any of the problems below.

Temperature Issues

The water heater can be affected by temperature in various ways. This can be corrected by adjusting the thermostat on the unit. The recommended temperature range for most units is between 120- and 140 degrees. When the water is running cold, the heating element could be broken. If the heater is gas-powered, the thermocouple could as well be broken. This is simple to replace and restore the unit back to normal functioning.

Noise Problems

One of the ways of detecting a faulty water heater is to take note of any noises it produces. The noises can be in the form of bangs, knocks, whines or creaks. In most cases, the noises are due to the sediment that accumulates in the tank. The noise is produced when the debris is in contact with the heating element which could cause a drop in efficiency. The simple way out of this problem is to flash the tank to rid it of the sediments. Another possible explanation for the noise could be a burned heating element whose only solution is replacement.

When all of the above remedies have not been fruitful, the replacement of the water heater might be necessary. Other factors that will determine this as listed below:

1. Age. The warranty of most water heaters ranges from 5 to10 years.
2. Water quality. This depends on how frequent the heater is used. A unit that is subjected to intense use will last as long as that which is seldom used.
3. Leakages. The best remedy for a leaking heater is an immediate replacement.

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