Tips on Custom Lighting Design in Scranton PA

Tips on Custom Lighting Design in Scranton PA

Having an adequate and stylish Custom Lighting Design in Scranton PA when living in a rented space may seem like dream. The property manager or landlord may have certain regulations on the changes that a tenant can make, which means creating a truly custom lighting design feels nearly impossible. Therefore, to get a custom lighting design under these circumstances, a little bit of creativity must come into play. Here’s a list of suggestions for designing and implementing a custom lighting design.

Most kitchens come with a single light fixture on the ceiling, typically a linear fluorescent bulb with an on and off light switch. Such ceiling lights are usually too bright in the morning, and not enough to light up the kitchen when it gets dark. The best thing to do is to add some extra light layers. Put in some cabinet lights to give some ambiance to the kitchen and make it easier to see when cooking. There might be some restrictions on using any mounted or hard-wired fixtures but there are a lot of battery-powered, plug-in or adhesive-backed fixtures that can be used. Lastly, when putting a secondary light fixture in the kitchen, ensure that the color temperature of the fixture is similar to the one already in place.

Having custom lighting controls in the living and sleeping areas is everyone’s fantasy. But for renters, installing them may not be possible. The best that can be done is to replace the covers of the glass ceiling lights with a glass cover that is more stylish. Buying some lovely floor and table lamps is also a wonderful idea.

The bathroom of an average rental usually has a lame light bar hanging over the mirror or a single, dreadful ceiling fixture. Bathrooms need relaxing lighting fixtures. If the fixtures are really horrible, ask the landlord or property manager if they can be replaced. Also, adding a battery operated, motion-sensing ceiling light that is moisture-resistant is also a wonderful idea. And of course, lighting one or two candles will give the bathroom a more luxurious appeal.

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