Tips On Choosing Press Brake Dies in Auburn WA

Tips On Choosing Press Brake Dies in Auburn WA

It is crucial that the correct die is chosen when working with press brakes. Failure to do so will result in damage to material and machine and also possible safety hazards. Here are some tips from the experts at how to choose Press Brake Dies Auburn WA.

  *      The radius of the inside bend should never be less than the radius of the sharp bend minimum. This is because the physical bend simply will not be able to be achieved, excluding a stamping method, which is generally not desirable. If the bend is turning sharp, the material will be dug into by the punch. This will result in a “ditch” being formed. This is to be avoided at all costs, especially if working with Specialty Metals.

  *      To achieve the perfect die opening, the most efficient method is by using the machine at exactly half of the maximum working value of it. This is done by using a geometric calculation that utilizes the following formula: (0.7071 multiplied by the bend of the outside radius) multiplied by a factor of 4. This will always provide a die opening that is perfect for both form and function.

  *      The requirements for tonnage must also be calculated. Use the material as a baseline and calculate this formula [(575 × Material thickness2)/Die opening] × Material factor =Tonnage per foot.

  *      Next, it is time to calculate the radius bend. This is done by using the 20 percent rule. To do this, multiply the die opening by 21 percent. This will give the optimum bend of the radius that will be needed.

  *      Next, the value of the bend of the radius is included into the equation to calculate the deduction of the bend. After this last piece of the puzzle is figured, there will be an environment of perfection in regards to Press Brake Dies Auburn WA.

Remember, the correct die and all that it entails it absolutely necessary. To hire a company that is already well-versed in the finer points of crafting dies, contact True professionals in every sense of the word are what are needed when working with delicate jobs and materials.

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