Tips From A Lawn Care Service

By having a healthy lawn, you contribute to the appearance of your neighborhood, improve the overall look of your home, and increase its potential property value. When you take care of it properly, you not only have a lush attractive lawn, but do not negatively affect the environment either. Here are a few tips from a lawn care service on how to keep your lawn healthy.


Many people make this mistake: they cut the lawn too close to the root tip. Mowing too short can weaken the entire root system. On the other hand, mowing longer reduces the clumping of clippings because they fall evenly on the surface of the lawn. Employing a mulching mower will allow integration of the finely chopped clippings into the lawn and speed up decomposition.

Other factors to consider when mowing:

  • Keep the blades of your mower sharp. Dull blades shred the grass.
  • Never cut wet grass. It will pull the grass, tattering it rather than cutting it.
  • Vary the direction of your mowing
  • During times of drought, cut less frequently.

In general, the rule of thumb is to cut higher and less frequently.


Another area where lawn care service providers see people make a mistake is in the watering of their lawn. They water too shallow and too often. The key to a successful lawn is to water deeply (but never too deeply to where it invites diseases and starves the lawn from oxygen) and less frequently. Do not water more than once a week. Do not water in the afternoons or evenings. Instead, water in the mornings.


You need to feed your lawn and make sure it has the proper nutrients. Use only environmentally friendly products and watch the amounts you use to avoid grass burn.

Lawn Care Service

When in doubt, talk to a qualified lawn care service because they can provide you with the best tips to keep your lawn healthy and green in every way.

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