Tips for Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Tips for Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Depending on your lifestyle, your garage door might get a lot of daily use, which means your garage door opener gets a lot of use as well. Keep your garage door opener in Melbourne, FL opening and closing with ease with a few maintenance tips.

Keep Your Hardware Tight

Garage doors contain a lot of moving parts, and the same is true of garage door openers. All movement and vibration while the door and opener are in use can shake a few things loose. At least once a year it’s a good idea to make sure all hardware is nice and tight so you don’t have to worry about sluggish performance, which can lead to garage door failure and frustration on your part.

Pay Attention to Your Garage Door

Simply paying close attention to how your garage door opens and closes can clue you into potential problems. Get into the habit of studying how your garage door operates to spot jerking, slow operation, grinding or squeaking. If anything seems out of the ordinary, no matter how minor the issue might seem, get in touch with a company to take a look at your garage door opener in Melbourne, FL or your garage door.

Test Out the Balance

The universe demands balance, and the same is definitely true when it comes to your garage door. When your garage door isn’t properly balanced, it works harder than necessary, which means it’s not likely to last as long or perform as well as a balanced garage door.

Pull the release handle to disconnect the door opener and manually open the garage door halfway. If the door remains up, it means your counterweight springs are doing their job. If the door rolls back down, it likely means you need to adjust the springs, which is best left to experienced professionals.

Do your part in maintaining your garage door opener and the garage door itself. Preventing issues is always preferable to treating them. Visit for more information.

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