Tips For Spotting Excellent Damp Proofing Contractors

Tips For Spotting Excellent Damp Proofing Contractors

While damp proofing contractors may not perform glamorous jobs and have the most exciting projects, choosing one is an essential part of construction and remodelling. Whether you’ve decided to rebuild or just notice damp problems around your building, it’s important to find professionals who can help.

What They Do

Primarily, they can treat and repair brickwork, woodwork, floors and roofs to prevent insect attacks, fungal infections, and dampness. They can offer their services to residential and commercial property owners.


Good damp proofing contractors, such as Damp Controllers, are designed to work with the building contractor to ensure that the home or business is safe. However, most homeowners and business owners end up running into problems with rising damp and other problems, so they call these experts to help them.

Solutions are available, whether you’re building a new home or have a current one. They are designed to seal out the moisture, so it can’t penetrate through the cracks. Likewise, they can help with mould growth and mildew, as well as other situations.

How To Choose

When searching for damp proofing contractors, you want to consider recommendations and testimonials from others. Ask friends, family members or co-workers who they have used in the past and gather a list together of potential options.

You can also view websites of these professionals to find out what services they offer. Of course, they will provide damp proof courses and other methods for keeping dampness out of your home and walls. However, they may also provide ventilation options, ducting and fans, sub-floor ventilation and much more.

They should also be willing to come to your home or business to inspect the property and give you their expert opinion as to the problem and solution that may best serve you.

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