Tips For Saving Money On Auto Body Shop Newport News VA Repairs

by | May 25, 2016 | Automotive 

Some drivers are hesitant to repair body damage to their car. If the repair isn’t covered by insurance, a driver may be concerned about the high cost of auto body repair for an issue that doesn’t affect the car’s driveability. This is a common feeling among drivers of older cars that don’t have a high resale value. However, if your car has body damage, there are a few things you can do to minimize the cost.

First of all, you can shop around at more than one auto body shop in Newport News, VA and compare labor rates. Be aware that labor charges for body repair are generally less than mechanical labor charges. If you get an estimate for a repair, make sure that you are quoted the correct amount for labor.

If you have a dent that needs repair, see if paintless dent repair is an option. Paintless dent removal is much cheaper than regular dent repair because it doesn’t require replacing your car’s sheet metal or painting it. Instead, the technician removes or disassembles the area of the car where the dent is located in order to access the back side of the dent. Then he or she uses slow pressure to return the metal to its original shape.

If you have a minor scratch, try repairing it yourself. You can start by sanding over the scratch with a piece of 2,000 grit sandpaper to wear down any rough edges. Then buy a small amount of touch-up paint to cover the scratch. When the paint dries, use a rubbing compound to match your car’s finish. The process is very cheap, and the scratch will be nearly impossible to detect.

Ask your auto body repair service about using salvage parts or aftermarket parts, both of which are considerably cheaper than new factory parts. You may be able to buy a replacement part yourself from a junk yard or craigslist. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Repairing body damage can increase your car’s resale value, and it can make you feel better to drive a dent-free, scratch-free car. If you’re looking for an Auto Body Shop Newport News VA, check out Bruce’s Super Body Shops. They have been in the business since 1978.

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