Tips for Relocating Antiques with the Help of Movers in Baton Rouge

One of the most stressful types of items to move is antique. After all, these collectibles are usually highly prized and thus irreplaceable. Some tips provided below can help you successfully move antiques with the help of movers in Baton Rouge.

Finding an Appraiser
First, it is wise to get your extraordinarily valuable items appraised by someone who is qualified to handle this task. It may even be in your best interest to get multiple appraisals. An appraisal will help you verify your personal property’s value for the purpose of transferring your policy for homeowner’s insurance. A bank official, insurance agent or attorney can typically recommend a reliable appraiser. You can also contact the American Society of Appraisers to find out about appraisers in Baton Rouge.

Getting the Appraisal
Note that a majority of appraisers usually charge an hourly rate or a flat fee for the services they perform. Be sure to ask them what and how they charge in advance. Besides getting an appraisal, be sure also to take clear photos of your valuables. It may even be worth video-taping them to inventory your home’s contents room-by-room and document their condition before your move. In this way, if your personal items become damaged, you can easily verify your claim. Make sure, however, that the footage you capture is clear and high-quality; otherwise, it will not be usable.

When you are ready to move, let your movers in Baton Rouge know about all of your fragile or high-value items, such as china sets, grandfather clocks or silver. This will allow you to make arrangements in advance for special packing and crating.

Protection Plan
High-quality moving companies offer protection plans, which can be handy if your valuable antiques end up being damaged or lost. These companies will also have you list your items valued at over $100 on an inventory form designed specifically for your high-value belongings. If possible, try to document your possessions’ manufacturer marks, signatures or serial numbers. With help from highly rated movers in Baton Rouge, you can have peace of mind when moving antiques across city, state or country lines.

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