Tips For Planning Wedding Banquets In Fort Wayne IN

by | May 30, 2016 | Catering

There are many different styles of wedding receptions these days, from hip cocktail parties to outdoor barbecues to simple cake and punch affairs. Your choice of reception depends on your budget, your time frame, and above all, your desire. The most traditional and elegant type of reception is the wedding banquet. If you’re looking for information about Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN, the following tips may help you with your planning.

First of all, when you set the date for your wedding and reception, be prepared to be flexible. Some venues and catering companies stay booked up a year or more in advance. If you plan your wedding in the off-season, like January or February, you may have an easier time scheduling the location you want. You will most likely get a discount as well. Some venues provide their own catering services and some do not, so you may need to make two separate bookings.

Once you have the venue set and the caterers scheduled, you’ll need to start planning the menu. A lot of your decisions regarding food will depend on an estimated head count, so urge your guests to send in their RSVPs as soon as possible. Most caterers offer standard menu plans but provide custom menus as well. In addition to choosing the specific menu items, you’ll need to decide how many courses to offer and how the food will be served, for example, family style with large platters on each table, buffet style, or individual table service.

When you plan the food, make sure to take into consideration common dietary restrictions. You will likely want to offer vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free options. You may also want to request a statement on the menu regarding allergens that are present in the food. You’ll also want to consider whether or not you will serve alcohol, what drinks to offer, and how to serve them. For example, you could limit alcohol service to wine and champagne with the meal, or you could set up a bar.

Some other details to consider include the seating arrangement, the placement and cutting of the cake, the tableware and linens, and decoration for the venue. Some catering companies will decorate for you, but some may not. For more information about planning Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN, Visit Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center.

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