Tips for Maintaining Motorhomes Purchased from Caravan Dealers in Maidstone

Have you always wanted to buy a holiday home where you can escape the tedium of everyday life, but have struggled to find one that falls within your budget? If so, consider investing in motorhomes from caravan dealers in Maidstone! A cheap alternative, motorhomes are ideal for campers, nature lovers and adventurous individuals, because they act like a home on wheels. Maintenance is essential if you want your motorhome to last for years with no breakdowns. With the following tips, you can stretch your money further and enjoy many an adventure with no hiccups.

Check the Tyres

The tyres are one of the most important areas to inspect when buying from caravan dealers in Maidstone. If they are cracked, bulging or don’t have enough tread, they will need to be replaced. Many road accidents occur as a result of bald, over-inflated and under-inflated tyres. If the caravan has not been used for a long period of time, the chances of a blow-out are high, proving the importance of looking for signs of damage before driving it away.

Inspecting Components

Leaks usually happen if the window seals are cracked, so pay attention to these areas when visiting caravan dealers in Maidstone for a new motorhome. Always check the handbrake to make sure it hasn’t seized and if it has, use a lubricant to make the mechanism run smoothly. Broken bulbs should be replaced and it’s worth connecting the electrics on a regular basis to ensure lights are working properly. Is your caravan fitted with a range of appliances? If so, check all of the appliances with a gas cylinder, such as the heating system, hob, fridge and cooker.

Exterior and Interior Cleaning

Before and after your road trip, take the time to clean the interior and exterior. Wax polish and proper caravan cleaning products should be used to protect the exterior from the elements, such as wind, acid rain, sunlight and snow. If the fridge is empty, use bicarbonate of soda to clean it and apply a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and water to upholstery to remove stains. The interior may begin to smell musty unless you air it out regularly, so open the windows and allow air to circulate when on the road and when the caravan is not in use.

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