Tips for Choosing Curtain Hardware in Manhattan, NY

When it comes to decorating a home, it makes sense to pay attention to all the little details, not just the major ones. This means choosing just the right curtain hardware in Manhattan, NY. There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when making this decision.

The Rod’s Color

Although some people try to match the color of the curtain hardware in Manhattan, NY to the color of other fixtures in the room, if this results in a very dark rod, the strategy can backfire. The dark rod then becomes a focal point, which isn’t usually what you want. It can be a better option to choose a rod that will blend more with the color of the curtains, such as a lighter-colored wooden rod to go with tan curtains. In general, the curtain rod should be relatively unobtrusive.

Type of Rod

The classic rod is a common choice, as it’s usually adjustable in length and has decorative end caps, called finials. It connects to the wall with brackets and also comes in a double rod version that allows people to layer curtains with sheers. Tension rods don’t require any hardware and are designed to fit within the window frame. These are only suitable for very light curtains, such as sheers, however. The other common option is the traverse rod, which helps make it so drapes or curtains close very easily. There is a wand to open and close the drapes, and the drapes are attached to the plastic carriers in the rod using curtain hooks.

Size of Rod

Make sure to measure carefully to choose a rod that will be long enough for the window in question. Also, some curtain rods are larger than others, so make sure that the diameter of the rod is suitable if you’re opting to use curtains that attach to the rod via the use of pockets or loops that the rod slides through. You can make a window look larger by using a longer rod that attaches to the wall slightly off to each side of the window, so sometimes people buy longer rods than absolutely necessary.

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