Tips For Choosing A Police Uniform Shirt

In many areas of the country police uniforms, and more specifically shirts and pants, are fairly standard and tend to change very little over the year or with different upper management changes. However, even in these agencies, there may be a change in uniform when a supplier discontinues specific lines or if the department decides to move to a new uniform supply company.

Other police forces tend to review and upgrade or change their pants and police uniform shirts on a more regular basis based on feedback from their members and how the uniform wears and holds up to the job. These are typically the smaller agencies where it is logistically easier to change uniforms.

Shirt Options

There are several different options in police uniform shirts. Most departments will have a summer uniform style and then a winter uniform, but this again will vary based on the specific department.

Winter shirts tend to be long sleeved with the standard button down collars. There are also tactical shirts, which offers more of a working shirt with additional pockets and storage areas on the shirt. The other option is a long sleeved polo, which is less formal looking but very comfortable to wear.

Short sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts are ideal for summer wear. Typically, there is a greater variation in these shirts depending on the officer’s daily work requirements.

The colors of the police uniform shirts will also need to considered. Most manufacturers will offer brown and blue in most styles, but there are also some options in khaki and dark navy as well as black.

Choosing the right combinations of shirts for all season wear will be a factor of where the department is located and if specialized shirts are needed for different departments. By finding a company offering a top selection, you can place one order and have everyone outfitted in the latest uniform with ease.

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