Three Ways to Extend the Life of Your Boiler in Milton Keynes

No matter what the size of your property, where it is based or when it was built, it is essential that it is fitted with a boiler. There are various types of boiler in Milton Keynes, including conventional condensing boiler systems, combination boilers, and alternative heating systems. When choosing a type, it’s important to pay attention to the carbon emissions and fuel efficiency.

Designed to provide hot water and heating throughout the home, a boiler in Milton Keynes can stand the test of time if it is maintained properly. Regular boiler inspection is required by law, because faulty devices can leak dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gases, which could result in death. A mechanical complication or failure could disrupt daily life, but when you know how to maintain the boiler, optimal function and energy efficiency can be achieved.

Run it Regularly

Underuse is a common cause of boiler problems, therefore it is important that even when you don’t require heating or hot water, you run the system from time-to-time. This will ensure that all components work effectively, and will lower the risk of a breakdown. By using a boiler in Milton Keynes for 15 minutes or more throughout summer, you can expect optimum operation during winter.

Give it Some TLC

If you have noticed unusual gurgling noises, or if you are paying more for energy than usual, it’s possible that your boiler in Milton Keynes is in need of a service. Contact a plumber to perform regular inspections, as this will rule out the possibility of an underlying problem. In addition to saving you money each month, a little bit of TLC could prevent Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning, which affects more than 50 people in the United Kingdom annually.

Lower the Thermostat

We are all guilty of forgetting to be energy efficient sometimes, but by making small changes you can save the planet and money! In fact, lowering the thermostat by just one degree on a boiler in Milton Keynes could reduce energy bills by 10 percent. There will be less need to service it as often when you take the time to do this, and you will be helping the environment by minimizing emissions. Furthermore, you can increase the lifespan of the boiler by wearing a woolly jumper on chilly days!

A reliable company like A Plus Building & Maintenance will offer an up-front quote for the repairs and installation of a boiler in Milton Keynes. To get a price estimate for these services, visit them online!

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