Three Tips for Taking Care of Glass Storefronts in Washington DC

Three Tips for Taking Care of Glass Storefronts in Washington DC

Many Storefronts in Washington DC are made of glass and need to be cared for carefully. Ensuring the glass is cared for properly is not only a way to ensure they look great but can be a safety concern as well. Store owners should be aware of small things they can do that may make a big difference in the safety of their store, employees, and their customers.

Ensure the Glass is Clean

Cleaning the glass on a regular basis helps the store look more inviting for customers who are passing by. It’s also a safety concern as police will need to be able to see inside the windows if the alarm for the store goes off after hours. Dirty windows can cause a glare when the officers use a flashlight or be difficult to see into even if there is plenty of lights available.

Limit Signage on the Windows and Door

Like with ensuring the windows are clean, including too many signs on the storefront could make it difficult for an officer to see inside. They’ll need to be able to check to see if there is an intruder, fire, or another emergency if the alarm sounds at night. Limiting the amount of signage and ensuring nothing is located directly at eye level makes it easier for the officers to do their job and ensure they are safe while they are protecting the store.

Repair Cracks and Broken Glass Quickly

Although small cracks in a window may seem harmless, they can grow into much larger cracks, and they diminish the integrity of the window. It’s especially important to fix even small cracks in a glass door since the door slamming shut even once can cause the crack to fracture further and may cause the glass to shatter. This could be harmful for a customer or employee walking through the door.

Any store owner who has a glass storefront needs to be aware of these safety concerns. If there is any question about the glass Storefronts in Washington DC, the store owner can contact a company like Beltway Auto & Plate Glass for more information or to have their glass repaired. Click Here to visit their website and learn more.

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