Three Tips Before Buying Boat Trailers

Three Tips Before Buying Boat Trailers

When buying a boat, most people get so excited that they forget to research the best types of boat trailers for the type of boat that they bought. Plenty of research shows that although people are willing to spend money on a beautiful up-to-date boat, they do not invest in a high-quality trailer as well. By investing in a better quality boat trailer, you can have peace of mind that your boat will be safe, no matter where you are towing it.

Carrying Capacity

Before buying a boat trailer, it is incredibly important to understand the weight of your boat and how that will affect the trailer while you tow it behind your vehicle. All boat trailers have a carrying capacity, but what most boat owners don’t realize is that their boat, motor and gear should only weight about half of that carrying capacity.

Material Type

The type of material that your trailer is made out of will react differently to the conditions that it is under. Painted steel is excellent for using in freshwater lakes, but it quickly corrodes and rusts when exposed to saltwater or any brackish water. Galvanized steel is covered with a layer of zinc which provides resistance to corrosion, but, in the long run, it will still rust if you plan to use your boat in the ocean and the trailer is exposed to salt water. Aluminum is often considered the most versatile option for any conditions where you may use your boat.

Wheels and Tires

Boat owners should be careful when choosing the tires on the boat trailer because tires that are too small for the capacity may blow out on the road and cause damage. Ideally, larger tires provide excellent support and accumulate less tread wear, while saving the wheel bearings. However, these are sometimes more challenging to launch. Consider talking to a reputable trailer company, such as Tuff Trailer, to see which boat trailers best fit your boat and local boating conditions. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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