Three Things that will Require Garage Door Repair in Frankfort

Three Things that will Require Garage Door Repair in Frankfort

A garage door is an important part of any home or business. Not only does it help to finish out an open space on the property, but it can be designed to be pleasing to look at as well. The door also hides what’s behind it, which can be anything from a vehicle to a workshop to a bunch of junk.

As important as a garage door is, very little thought is given to this particular feature. Until, of course, it doesn’t look good or stops working the way it’s supposed to. This is where a service that offers Garage Door Repair Frankfort comes in.

Off its Track

One of the more common issues for garage doors is that it comes off of it’s track. This is more common with manual doors than with automated doors. This is because people will manhandle their doors to get them open, which is something that doesn’t occur with an automatic door. This can be an easy fix for a repair service.

Essentially, the wheels on the door need to be realigned with the track. If it’s really out of sync, the door may have to be removed and re-installed, which can cost more money, but most jobs are a simple fix.

Burned Out Motor

Automatic garage doors aren’t designed to last forever, and if they aren’t maintained correctly, they will have an even shorter shelf life. A burned out motor is not an uncommon problem with a heavily used garage door.

In some cases, the wrong door for the motor is installed. A door that is too heavy for the motor’s rating, for example, can burn it out. Sometimes homeowners replace a door, and they don’t use a professional, not realizing that they’re are damaging an essential part of the door’s mechanism for movement.

Broken Panel

A broken panel can also occur on paneled garage doors. Garage Door Repair in Frankfort can replace a panel on site, if the surrounding structure isn’t damaged. If it is, then a whole section or possibility the whole door may need to be replaced.

If your garage door is broken, A Better Door & Window can help. Visit website today to see what kind of work they offer and make an appointment to have them come look at your garage door today.

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