Three Simple Questions to Ask Lawyers in Dubai

Most of the clients we work with at STA Law have found out about our international law firm through a referral from our past and current clients. This is a great way to find highly experienced, professional lawyers in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Even with a referral, we recommend all potential clients view their initial consultation meeting with the lawyer and the law firm as a chance to evaluate the quality of legal services provided. By asking just three simple questions any corporation or individual can determine if the lawyer they are speaking to can provide the legal representation they need.

What is your experience with this type of legal issue?

Large international law firms hire lawyers with specialisations in different types of law. At STA, we have expertise in legal areas including maritime, property, construction, intellectual property, banking, finance, and commercial law. We also provide criminal defence lawyers and lawyers to assist in contract development and alternative dispute resolution services.

How did past cases settle?

Having expertise in a legal specialisation combined with experience in representing our clients is one of the reasons our law firm stands out. Our lawyers can provide information on past cases and how they have been settled, either through dispute resolution services or litigation in the courts.

We offer a legal team that can work with all courts in the UAE. This is an important consideration as many firms do not provide representation but can provide legal advice.

What is your strategy in this case?

During your initial meeting with our lawyers, we outline the strategies possible for your case. While we may not have all the information, our team provides a general overview of what you can expect and how our firm provides legal representation in any field of practice.

Our goal is always to resolve your legal issues or provide you with the legal expertise needed to complete any action from corporate formation to developing contracts. Visit the website for more information.

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