Three Signs It’s Time for Arlington Tree Removal Service

Three Signs It’s Time for Arlington Tree Removal Service

Trees provide shade, enhance the look of the landscape, and offer oxygen. While trees my have their benefits, there can also be issues with the large plants that make them necessary to remove. Arlington tree removal service can handle any dead, decaying, or otherwise burdensome trees. Home and business owners should look for three sign’s it’s time to get their towering trees removed by a professional service.

Mushrooms Growing at Base of Trunk

As mushrooms grow around the base of the trunk of a tree, they can start to allow decay to set in. These fungi are often some of the first warning signs that the tree is diseased and needs to be removed. Allowing dead and dying trees to remain in the midst of others can cause the disease to spread to other trees nearby. Some people believe that simply removing the mushrooms themselves could help. If new mushrooms grow back, however, this is a bad sign.

Shallow Roots That Damage the Lawn

Some tree types are undesirable, having characteristics that make them unwanted by many. Kinds like black locusts, mulberries, poplars, and willows tend to have more shallow roots. These roots can remain near the surface of the lawn and rise up, causing damage. Trees like these can be removed and replaced with options that have deep-growing roots that won’t cause concern.

Cracks Forming Throughout

Trees that start to appear cracked and damaged have most likely suffered some sort of damage. Whether they’ve been harmed by the weather or are dying, trees with large cracks forming should be torn down. It is especially important to take note of any damage done to the main trunk of the tree. Elsewhere, the problem could correct itself overtime. The damage is also insignificant if it covers less than 25% of the entire trunk. More than that, however, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Arlington tree removal service ensures any unwantd trees on the premises gets taken down safely. Professionals have the equipment and know-how to get any trees down carefully without interfering with power lines or nearby structures. Browse our website to learn more about tree removal and additional landscape services offered.

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