Three Scenarios in Which You Need Sewer Pipe Inspection in Chula Vista, CA

Most homeowners do not often stop to think about the fact that the sewage system needs inspection and repair in the same way that all other aspects of the home do. Because it is mostly hidden underground, homeowners forget that leaks and blockages can easily occur in sewage pipes and cause a problem inside or outside the home.

Buying a New Home

The first important situation in which you should get a sewer pipe inspection in Chula Vista, CA is if you are considering buying a new home. Prospective homeowners often perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the house, but they rarely remember the importance of making sure the sewage system is functioning well. Having an expert perform a sewer pipe inspection may reveal issues with root invasion, grease buildup, and leaks that change the value of the home. Knowing these problems ahead of time saves money on future repairs soon after moving in.

Backed Up Drains

Standing in a puddle everytime you shower is a definite indicator that something is blocking the pipes in your home. Usually, this is due to water having a difficult time flowing through the pipes because of root invasion or debris. A sewer inspection will pinpoint the location and severity of the problem, allowing the contractor to suggest a quick remedy.

Water Pressure Problems

People often blame slow water pressure on the age of the home, but they do not realize that it can usually be fixed by addressing a leak somewhere in the sewer line. Detecting the leak in the sewer pipes is a challenging process unless you hire an expert for a sewer pipe inspection. He or she will push a camera through your pipes to find the location of the leak and offer a solution.

Ultimately, it is important to have an expert detection service, such as Cable, Pipe & Leak Detection, ready to perform an inspection whether for regular maintenance or a one-time problem.

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